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Friday, February 07, 2020

Another donation post

 ETA: 2/29/2020: The worst seems to be over, but she still needs a little help.

ETA: 2/18/2020 She still needs about $300 to pay for groceries, medicine, and other things for herself and her daughter.

ETA: 2/16/2020: She needs about $300 to get out of the current mess.

ETA 2/15/2020: She's past the initial trouble, but wound up in a different emergency and could use a little extra help. She has also let me know the issue with her PayPal (she lost the card) has been resolved, so she would prefer donations through there.

So I've been talking to someone who's in a horrible situation she can't escape on her own. With her permission, I'm sharing links to her payment apps.

Cashapp (use this one if you have it): $maddiethabaddie911

Paypal (if you don't have Cashapp): mdschimidt97 at

She has told me she'll reimburse me. I assume she'll offer the same for anyone who helps her.

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