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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Good news

I just got a full-time job. I'm happy about it because I need an income source, but it has been keeping me busy and wearing me out.

I'm not happy that I've posted two updates/link lists in a row, but hey. I'll have to figure out how to balance my day job with writing.

Now for links.

Stitch of Stitch's Media Mix has a book coming out next month.

I found a Kickstarter for a short film about asexuality.

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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Sites updates and other things

  • There's now a comment policy.
  • My "about me" page has been updated.
  • I may or may not use Disqus for comments.
And now for links.

Here's a list of fundraisers.

The Asexual Agenda is accepting new contributors.

I just finished reading Children Of Blood And Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. I'm planning to see the movie when it comes out.

Here's someone expressing anger at the way folks with narcissistic personality disorder are talked about, which I reblogged some time ago.

There's this group of resources I originally compiled for the linked Tumblr blog. I specifically want to call attention to the lists "gender and biology" and "studies and articles about police violence".

Incidentally, If you have anything to add to those lists I created, you can email me with the contact form in my blog sidebar.

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Wednesday, July 03, 2019

Album Review: Little Songs

Artist: Porch Cat

Songwriters and composers: Chan Barraza

Genres: punk, emo, folk, pop punk, soft rock, ukulele, grunge, queercore

Notes: Album art is from Bandcamp.

General thoughts:

This is Porch Cat's earliest work listed on Bandcamp. It offers a small glimpse into what would come later.

Overall, I'd recommend it.

Track listing below

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Book Review: Letting Go by Maya Banks

This post and several of the links are NSFW. I’ve also started to do something different with my content warnings.

Premise: Several years after the death of her husband, a woman seeks out a dom/sub relationship. Her husband's best friend pursues her when he finds out.

Author: Maya Banks

Genres: Erotica, contemporary romance

Notes:First book in the Surrender trilogy. Cover obtained from Goodreads.

Pros: I got a nice long post out of reviewing it.

Cons: Jackass male lead. Bad at understanding consent and abuse. How the sister-in-law is handled. Cheesy prose. Unsexy. Talks about suicide in an insulting way.

Josslyn (aka Joss) knows she'll never know another love like the one she had with her husband Carson. But there was one thing she wanted that he couldn't give her: dominance. Meanwhile, her husband's friend Dash tries to ignore his feelings for her until he finds out about her fantasies.

Wednesday, June 19, 2019

More ramblings

 Maybe this will be a regular thing.

  • I haven't really had the energy to celebrate Pride this month. I did just find and buy a bunch of queer metal and punk, so that makes me happy.
  • I've got an angry review of an awful BDSM novel ready to be published, which I've been hesitating to post. Might as well do that next week.
I also found some interesting links in the last few weeks.

Reject alcohol sponsorship by Siggy

This is about Budweiser's advertising to LGBTQ+ people, specifically their decision to market to asexuals. The article discusses why this shouldn't necessarily been seen as a good thing for asexuals.

"Just give it up for adoption" by I-was-a-naive-prolifer

This is a rebuttal to the argument that anyone wanting an abortion should instead give their baby up for adoption.

Station To Station

This is a sci-fi/thriller podcast dealing with boat expeditions, things messing with time, and corporate corruption.

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